Downloads Page
This page is provided to allow our customers to download documents in PDF format that may be of interest or assistance to them. Stanor Limited would like to thank the NICEIC for allowing us to provide the documents produced by them.

Further information can be found on the NICEIC website.

Download File
Benefits of Using an NICEIC Contractor
A brief description  of the benefits of using an NICIEC approved contractor.

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Electricians Jargon Buster
To help you understand what your electrician is talking about, the NICEIC have put together this document to explain some of the more common terms used.

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How Safe is Your Wiring
Booklet providing you with advice on inspection and testing, competent contractors, complaints procedures and much more.

Download File Part P Factsheet
A 4 page document explaining what the Part P regulations mean to you, and when you need to notify the local authority.

Download File Landlords Factsheet
A 6 page document explaining the landlords responsibility under the law to make sure that the electrics in your property are safe

Download File Bathroom Sanctuary
A 3 page document explaining how to make your bathroom into a safe sanctuary.